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The BigFive Summit Speaker Series Episode 6: John Kitenge, Founder, Fraktional

The BigFive Summit Speaker Series Episode 6: John Kitenge, Founder, Fraktional

The Summit Speaker Series continues on the BIG5D Podcast with a chat with entrepreneur John Kitenge on high school startups, coding with AI, and more

This podcast series is sponsored by The 2024 BigFive Summit

Welcome to Episode 6 of the 2024 BigFive Summit Speaker Series on the BIG5D Podcast. This series of podcast episodes features conversations about Africa’s tech scene, empowering SMEs with emerging technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, startup life, and more, featuring the incredible, diverse range of personalities who will speak at the 2024 BigFive Summit, 19-20 March in Cape Town.

In Episode 6, we chat with young South African serial entrepreneur John Kitenge, the founder and CEO of Frakional, a company that is trying to address the technology skills gap by placing IT specialists and developers with businesses for short to medium-term assignments.

John, who is just 22, already has multiple startups under his belt, dating back to high school. He will be attending his third BigFive Summit in March, where will lead a panel discussion on running lean startups at the Summit. Fraktional is also a 2024 Bronze BigFive Summit sponsor.

Our conversation with John touches on several important themes in African tech.

One such theme is the digital skills gap that often leaves startups unable to compete with corporates for the best technical talent.

Another is the trend John sees among developers with sought-after skills who increasingly are choosing project-based work, where they can set their terms, over corporate work, which is steady but can be unfulfilling.

Finally, we discuss how AI is changing the game for the work of developers now that generative AI can be used for everything from painting portraits to writing code.

“The simple comparison is that AI is the Grammarly for coding,” John says during the interview. ”So you can write better with Grammarly, you can write better articles with better punctuation and better vocabulary. Now apply that in coding context.”

Interview Excerpts

The following are a few edited excerpts from our conversation with John Kitenge. Please listen to the podcast to experience the full interview.

On why Fraktional’s business model addresses a real need in Africa

There's a movement that's happening, where a lot of people are opting, especially senior engineers, to become independent contractors. They get to have more product autonomy, and they get a diversity of projects.

On how AI is changing the business or writing code

The code is writing itself, and I think some people don't want to believe that that's possible. But some of these advancements are crazy.

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This podcast series is presented by The BigFive Summit

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